How to Empower Your Social Media Presence Using Sniply and Sociallymap

How to Empower Your Social Media Presence Using Sniply and Sociallymap

Content marketing is key to build awareness around your brand and drive traffic and leads to your website. Unfortunately, producing quality content can quickly become too expensive and time consuming for some businesses.

If that situation sounds familiar, one good strategy to reap the benefits of content marketing is to curate content created by other and share it with your audience through your social networks. It’s simple and efficient, and this article will show you how to quickly set up a process that optimize your impact without requiring too much time.

Leverage other’s content to build up your brand

Why is it strategic to publish others’ content via your own social networks? It can be a little counter-intuitive at first, but trust us, it’s very effective.

First, curating and sharing high quality content with your audience highlights your company’s deep understanding of its market and your ability to anticipate new trends.

Then, by taking time to publish articles relevant to your readers, you will progressively establish yourself both as an aggregator and as a “reference” on key topics for your audience. Thanks to you they will save precious time and will minimize the risk to miss out on key informations.

Content Marketing is key for your company’s reputation

From a business perspective, sharing and publishing high quality content helps you get noticed, progressively grows your online reputation and build up brand authority. This will lead to an increase in sales of your product or service. All of this for a relatively low investment in terms of time and money.

Now that’s for the theory. In practice, curating and sharing quality content consistently can be very time consuming and you might not have the adequate resources to devote to this mission.

The challenges of content curation

The major challenge with content curation is consistency. To optimize the impact on your audience, content needs to be curated and shared daily. But let’s face reality: you might only be able to do this a few days per week, at best.

Another important challenge is to get your brand recognized for the content you share, especially when the content is created by others and that you keep directing your readers to third party websites. You need to make sure your audience easily finds a way back to your company’s site, so you can promote your company’s services or products.

To face these challenges we created for you a simple process that will allow you to share content like a pro!

We are going to use 4 great web tools:

  1. Feedly → Gather all your sources of content in one place
  2. Pocket → Gather and store the content you want to share
  3. Sniply → Get recognized for the content you share
  4. Sociallymap → Your personal publishing assistant

The first three tools will allow you to create a curated feed of content to be shared with your audience.

Sociallymap will be the engine that we will use to precisely schedule when and where this content is published on your social networks, optimizing your reach and saving you tons of time.

Feedly, Pocket and Sociallymap are available for free with limited features, and Sniply can be purchased for a year for a low fee.

Let’s get into it!

Step 1 : get all your sources of content in one place with Feedly

Feedly is a tool that allows you to aggregate all your favorite content sources in a single place, arranged into easy-to-read collections.

  1. Start by creating and account on Feedly, it’s 100% free.
  2. Import all your RSS feeds directly on the platform.

Now all your sources of content are located in a single place, optimized for quick searches and a smooth reading experience. This will save you tremendous time and optimize your curation process.

Step 2 : create a single feed of curated content with Pocket 

Feedly is a great platform to easily share your content on relevant social networks, as it is natively connected to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and several others. Unfortunately, the sharing feature does not give you the option to schedule a specific day and time to share your content, it has to be shared manually every time.

Remember, publishing daily is a key success factor, so we need a simple and automated process to perform that task. That’s where a new handy tool comes in: Pocket.

Pocket is a web tool that allows you to save content into a single place to use it later. You are going to use Pocket as a “container” to store all the content you want to share.

  1. Create an account on Pocket,
  2. Connect your Pocket account to Feedly
  3. From Feedly, save any content you want to share later directly into Pocket
  4. Pocket becomes a “container” that stores all the content you want to share
  5. You can access all the content stored in Pocket as a single RSS feed

Step 3 : Attach a call to action to the content you share with Sniply

Sharing relevant stories is good, but you need to make sure it also benefits your company and does not divert your audience from your site. A great strategy is to overlay your custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include an advertisement and a call to action with every link you share.

Lucky you, there’s an online tool that does just that: Sniply. And we are going to use it on each piece of content you stored in Pocket.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Sniply
  2. Import your Pocket’s RSS feed URL into
  3. Customize the messages and CTA you want to add to each piece of content in your RSS feed
  4. Voilà! Sniply delivers a brand new RSS feed, with your custom ad and CTA attached to each piece of content

Now that you have a perfectly curated and customized RSS feed, let’s finish with the most important part: optimizing and automating how this content is shared.


Step 4 : Optimize the publication of your content with Sociallymap

Sociallymap is the masterpiece of the process. Think of it as your personal online sharing assistant. Just import your Sniply RSS feed into Sociallymap and set up the exact time and social networks on which you want to share your content. Sociallymap then automatically shares every new piece of content included in your Sniply feed on the selected social networks, at the right time.

And voilà ! You now have a beautifully automated content publication machine, that leverages the content you curate to build up your brand.

Keep in mind that Feedly is also available on iOS and Android, allowing you to find quality content anywhere, anytime and push it to your curated feed. Then, the process you just set up will take care of everything up to the publication. You can now sit back and relax: your brand’s popularity is going to grow.

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