How Vonigo Uses as a Key Tool in our ABM Strategy

How Vonigo Uses as a Key Tool in our ABM Strategy

By Graham Lee, Marketing Automation Manager at Vonigo , makers of cloud-based field service software.

We have a problem that I’m sure a lot of companies, especially in the B2B software space, can identify with. With an extremely focused niche of potential customers in defined verticals (mobile service businesses), we use account-based marketing to help us gain traction with potential customers.

Whether a lead comes from our inbound marketing efforts, or our ABM outreach, for sales-qualified leads we like to pull out all the stops. For years, we’ve been using to add CTAs to the links we share on social media, with the kind of success that brings us plenty of ROI for the cost of the tool. But it’s a personalized approach that we have had the best success with.

Here’s How We Do It

Using customizable calls to action (CTAs), we’ve seen success with prospects and leads not only engaging with our content and links, but also taking the desired next step to progress through the buyer journey and book a meeting.

By personalizing the CTAs by a lead’s industry, company, and personal information, it impresses prospects and as a result improves our conversion rates. With Sniply, we’re able to add CTAs to almost any link we want (whether the content belongs to us or not), and give our leads a personalized, actionable next step.

We see higher engagement with this method, as the URL is branded with a custom domain, the CTA is branded to Vonigo or to the rep, and we can even customize the shortlink.

And we don’t stop there. Using’s analytics tools, we’re able to test and track what elements are performing well, including the CTA, the shared page, and more.

A Specific Example

Let’s say for example that a large moving franchise is inquiring about how our platform works for moving companies. During our exchanges with that prospect, we can share any number of useful links, including video case studies, customer reviews, or any other relevant information that we think they might find interesting.

Whether those links are to our domain or not, like YouTube for example, we can include a button with a link to book a call or demo with the rep that has already been in contact.

As far as value for our investment goes, it works with devastating impact.

Measurable Results

Many times, particularly, on the ABM side, email will be the first touchpoint with a prospect. Getting them to schedule a meeting or call with minimal effort is the ideal result.

For large accounts that we are targeting, having them book a meeting indicates that they are connecting with the content and see the value in Vonigo. While we may have a greater number of customized CTAs, the personalization aspect is worth it.

We’ve seen many key accounts click through to book a meeting from timely link shares within our personalized (sometimes automated) emails.

If you’re concerned with keeping leads in the loop and helping them progress through the buyer journey, consider using personalized short links with, to help convert more prospects to the next stage in your sales process.

Graham Lee

Graham Lee

Marketing Automation manager at Vonigo
Makers of cloud-based field service software.
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