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Sniply Reaches 10 Million Clicks

Sniply Reaches 10 Million Clicks

Last month, 30 days ago, we celebrated our big milestone of 1 million clicks on our beloved Sniply links. Today, we’re extremely proud to announce…

We just passed 10 million clicks!


We don’t believe that our progress has been a result of luck. It’s really the hard work of everyone involved. We call them the Sniply Family, and the Sniply Family extends far beyond the founders. It’s the work of our entire team, our advisors, mentors, evangelists, fans, users, and more.

Big thanks to our team

Chris, Nigel, Sophia and I have been hard at work on building the product. Meanwhile… Jason, Parm, George, Awaad and Jackie have been spreading the word of Sniply far and wide. As we grew our users, Jane, Jars and Vicky took great care of every single one of our guests. On top of all this, Dalia and Katie put together this amazing (but kind of crazy) Sniply Blog.

Big thanks to our mentors

When Sniply acquired Hoverpost and Headshare, we brought on Gregg and Sébastien as advisors to our team. Dean, Wayne and Christian mentored us for a whole year in 2013 and we learned so much from them. Our founding team was assembled through The Next 36, which is the hard work of Tim, Claudia, Reza and Ajay. Last but not least, Sniply is headquartered at the Digital Media Zone (Ex-Google office) in Toronto’s Dundas Square thanks to Matt, Alan and Sean.

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Big thanks to our evangelists

As I’ve mentioned before, we have no marketing budget. We’re extremely fortunate to have the support of so many amazing evangelists. You guys give us feedback on the product, tell your friends about Sniply, and even take the time to write articles and blog posts about our work. What more could we possibly ask for? We can’t thank you enough!!


At the end of the day, building a startup is hard. It’s harder than anything we’ve ever done, and so much harder than we ever imagined. Everyday is literally an uphill battle. It’s the support of the Sniply Family that keeps pushing us forward. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you everyone!

3 Secrets to Building Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

3 Secrets to Building Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

At Sniply, we have no marketing budget, no Google Adwords, no public relations team, and no marketing department. Yet within a short few months, we managed to acquire thousands of users and start generating revenue. Sniply has been featured on more than 30 blogs and publications, an impressive feat for a top-tier PR agency, let alone a brand new startup. In fact, Sniply links have already generated over 7 million clicks!

How did we do this. Quite simply, we built a really strong brand and more importantly, relationships. We had no need for a marketing budget thanks to an army of product evangelists. Our users and fans support us by writing about our story and constantly sharing our product whenever they can.

twitterHere are three key lessons to consider when building your brand:

1. Build a brand capable of weakness and vulnerability

Have you ever met someone that just seems too perfect? It is difficult to build relationships with these people. This is also how most brands behave. They flaunt their achievements, bombard you with press releases, and such perfection makes it difficult to connect with them.

Building a brand is like building relationships. By revealing your insecurities, you invite others into your world. At Sniply, we take pride in our weaknesses and vulnerability. Several months ago, we applied to Y Combinator, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Even though we were rejected, we still publicized our whole experience.

We published our entire application and interview transcript, thus sharing with the world our first big failure. The story attracted more than 15,000 readers and resulted in a tsunami of supporters.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.24.03 AM

When we decided to publish our failures, we invited everyone into our story. Entrepreneurial journeys are filled with shining victories and crushing defeats. Brands are so caught up in flaunting their victories that they often forget the power of displaying vulnerability and the joy of simply being human.

2. Build a brand that expresses gratitude and appreciation

Have you ever met someone that constantly asks for favours and never gives anything in return? Meaningful bonds are formed through mutual support and reciprocated appreciation. It starts with the genuine expression of gratitude. At Sniply, we make it a daily activity to show our appreciation for the users who take the time out of their busy days to try our product.

We delight them with personal messages and craft thoughtful gifts. We strive to understand their personal needs, beyond our product, and we do everything we can to just be a good friend.

We engage in genuine conversations with no sales goal whatsoever. In a business culture that is dictated by the bottom line, we break just about every rule when it comes to productivity. Yet, time and again, these relationships create evangelists, and these advocates become the lifeblood of our exponential growth. Showing people you appreciate their time and expressing your gratitude can make the difference between a transactional relationship and a meaningful one.


3. Build a brand that is more about them than it is about you

Have you ever contributed to a project but never received the credit you deserved? It is safe to say everyone appreciates being acknowledged for their time and effort.

A brand is essentially a personality and they can be delightful or insufferable. As a startup, you may never have the resources to compete with larger players, but you can always pour your heart into crafting your company’s persona.

At Sniply, our About Page is less about our team, and more of a hall of fame for the people who made a real difference on our journey. We feature our mentors and advisors. We showcase our evangelists, fans, and friends. We are proud to have their support and they are delighted to be acknowledged.


Building a strong brand is really not that complicated. Treat your brand as a child and teach it to be a good person. Treat your customers as you would like to be treated by your friends. Start by applying what you have already learned living all the years you have — as a human being.